Lay led liturgies in Rockhampton diocese

Lay led liturgies in Rockhampton diocese

Jessie Roger

Thank you for publishing the remarks by Archbishop Barry Hickey of Perth (March AD2000).

What a consolation to know there is a member of the hierarchy trying to preserve the teaching of the Church and doing something useful to help others know what the church really is, not what the secular media concoct against it at every opportunity.

Sadly, the opposite applies in the Rockhampton Diocese. I now refer to notes I took the first time I heard Bishop Brian Heenan speak in a church here. He said that it was a good thing there is a shortage of priests in the area, since lay people can take more part in the church, console the bereaved, baptise, and bury the dead.

Things which were in the Church 30 years ago had to change, and while we regret their passing, the Church had to keep up with modern world. Don't judge things; there's no need to fear God or carry a cross - have optimism and joy. End of quote.

This was followed up by a series of talks from a Rockhampton priest and another priest who was in Mackay at the time. They explained that there had to be change. Mass as we knew it was going to be replaced by a paraliturgy conducted by lay people. Meanwhile, the Bishop keeps saying we need a new model of being church.

When people suggested that overseas priests be brought to our Diocese the Bishop said priests from other lands and cultures were not required. The result has been that there are many lay led services where there once was a Mass.

Mackay, Qld

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