Launch of 2013 Fighting Fund

Launch of 2013 Fighting Fund

Peter Westmore

In this issue of AD2000, we inaugurate the 2013 Fighting Fund, established many years ago when B.A. Santamaria was Editor of AD2000.

The Fighting Fund is a means by which readers of this publication can support the continued existence of AD2000, as well as the broader works of the National Civic Council, including those in support of human life – which is threatened by abortion, euthanasia and people trafficking – and the institution of natural marriage, against the forces which would fundamentally change it, by redefining it to include same-sex unions.

The NCC campaigns for policies which build stable families, a strong economy, and in defence of human life and freedom of belief.

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If you are able to help, your support would be deeply appreciated.

(Peter Westmore, President, National Civic Council)

Running tally

(Named donors are listed in the print edition.)

Anonymous (6) $800.00

Total acknowledged $5,848.00

Total received....................$10,898.00

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