Latin Mass

Latin Mass

Richard Congram

Tom King's letter (August AD2000) recounted how the Archbishop of Brisbane, in May 2005, prohibited celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass on any day except Sunday. In conclusion, he expressed wonderment at the Archbishop's motivation. The answer is simple but sad.

There are many within the Church who regard the old Mass as some sort of archaic heresy; and its adherents at best as misguided, and at worst as evil. Those detractors care not about denying us spiritual comfort and solace in glorifying God through a sublimely reverent liturgy, in a dead language immune to distortion and aberration. They also care not that the old Mass has the approbation of both our reigning pontiff and his immediate predecessor. Obviously they had sufficient numbers and influence to achieve their end in this instance.

I was present at the Mass when the Archbishop's directive was announced. On 22 May I wrote respectfully to His Grace begging him to reconsider his decision which gave so much pain to many sincere and faithful Catholics. To date (1 August) I have not received any acknowledgment.

Carindale Qld

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