Latin Mass (letter)

Latin Mass (letter)

Philip Robinson

In "Good news on the liturgy" (April AD2000), I suggest Peter Westmore used an unfortunate choice of words when he stated "others have turned to pre-Vatican II ritual" when describing the reaction of many Catholics to the seemingly endless attempts to rectify the Novus Ordo liturgy.

Unless circumstances otherwise dictate, my wife and I only attend Mass according to the 1962 Missal - the Traditional Latin Mass - and have done so since 1988. We certainly do not attend for the "ritual" as such. To us, and to an increasing number of Catholics, the focus of this Mass is God, not the Presider or the congregation; it is much richer in its prayers and devotion than the Novus Ordo - it is much more than "ritual." One has only to compare the English text of the Mass to that of the Novus Ordo to see why this is so.

In my opinion, no amount of tinkering with the Novus Ordo, or calling for synods on the Eucharist, will overcome the malaise within the Church. How many documents has the Pope written calling for a return to orthodoxy regarding the Mass and the sacraments? How many bishops on their ad limina visits to Rome have been told to get their collective acts in order? What has been the result? Just more of the same, and even worse banal liturgy, and contempt for Papal instructions.

In two new American books, viz, The Great Facade by Christopher Ferrara and Thomas Woods Jnr (Remnant Press) and The Devil's Final Battle by Fr Paul Kramer (The Missionary Association), one can read how the Church has arrived at its present sorry state, and how the problems could be overcome. All Catholics who are concerned about the state of the Church should read these books. I can provide email addresses to anyone who may wish to pursue this suggestion.

My address is 59 Mockridge Crescent, Holt, ACT 2615, tel/fax (02) 6254 3969, email:

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