Latin Mass in Melbourne's St Patrick's Cathedral

Latin Mass in Melbourne's St Patrick's Cathedral

Michael Daniel

In the wake of Summorum Pontificum (2007), Pope Benedict XVI's motu proprio freeing up restrictions on the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass - known to some readers as the "Traditional Latin Mass" - a group of lay faithful sought to have a weekday celebration of the Extraordinary Form in St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne.

The first Mass was celebrated on Wednesday, 10 August, the Feast of St Laurence, by Fr Glen Tattersall. Low Mass is now celebrated on most Wednesdays at 5.30pm in the Sacred Heart Chapel, on the right hand side of the main sanctuary.

The 5.30pm time has proven to be suitable for a range of people, particularly those working in or near the city, as it enables them to attend a Mass soon after they complete work, being accessible to a range of public transport options. Entrance to the Cathedral at this time is via the right-hand transcept door.

Those attending the Mass wish to thank Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne, and the Dean of the Cathedral, Very Rev John Salvano, whose generous assistance has facilitated a regular celebration, as well as clergy who have celebrated Mass, including Revs N. Dillon, J. Walshe, B. Arthur, J. O'Connor and C. Marshall.

As AD2000 goes to print, regular worshippers look forward to Bishop Peter Elliott, well known to readers, celebrating Pontifical Low Mass in the Cathedral on Wednesday, 14 December. All readers are naturally welcome to attend this Mass and any other Extraordinary Mass celebrated either at the Cathedral or at St Aloysius', Caulfield North, particularly those who have either yet to experience the Extraordinary Form or who may have not attended it for a number of years.

Further information can be obtained by accessing the Newman Community's website or by phoning the Newman Community on (03) 9532-7771.

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