Latin Course (letter)

Latin Course (letter)

Rev V.I. Falconer SJ

I am grateful to Ken Bayliss for his favourable review of my Latin Course. However, there is a one word error I must mention: it is the last word in his penultimate paragraph. The word should be "(into) English" not "(into) Latin." The meaning of the whole sentence would be clearer if its ending were to read "for help in translating the Latin Gospel excerpts into English."

The reason why I recommend the use of the two older English versions of the Bible, if available, is that their translations are closer to the Latin than are more modern translations such as those of Msgr Ronald Knox or the Jerusalem Bible. Still, any English version could be a help to check that the student has rendered accurately the meaning of the Latin.

One omission I regret in the review: I make a special feature of giving English derivatives from the Latin words as they appear in the exercises.

Kew, Vic

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