Last things (letter)

Last things (letter)

Kevin McManus

Reading AD2000 is always a joy, but the February issue was one of the best yet, with so many good articles. The restored seminaries in Australia are indicative that we are on recovery road - well almost.

At the last Synod in Rome, Archbishop Pell made a strong plea for the restoration of preaching on the Last Things.

While most clergy and seminarians are fired by a zeal to save souls, who has heard a sermon (or homily) on repentance these last 30 years? Many other important things are mentioned which make us feel cosy. But is that enough?

Zeal for souls drove many saints - St Alphonsus, St Paul of the Cross (the hunter of souls) and St John Vianney ("You have shown me the way to Ars; I will show you the way to Heaven". And so he did).

In this year of the Rosary we will pray: "Bring all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of Thy mercy". Yet how is this possible unless we are told by our pastors, "unless you repent you will die in your sins"?

An aged nun said recently that she no longer believed in Hell! What does it profit us if we gain community spirit, good educators, material comfort, social welfare, progress, psychology, expert advice, etc, and suffer the loss of our own souls?

Archbishop Pell's plea for a preaching of repentance, death, judgement, Heaven or Hell needs to be taken up in 2003.

How about a major article on the subject? Perhaps one of your learned feature writers could take up this important matter.

Ashfield, NSW

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