Last straw (letter)

Last straw (letter)

Justin Kearney

One might expect the pulpit to provide the faithful with respite from the lies and distortions of our modern world.

Not always.

We changed parishes after our local priest delivered a sermon where he compared the Transfiguration of our Saviour to a woman giving birth, and went on to state that it made him think of two lesbians having a baby.

This was in fact the last straw. Continuing and carping criticism of Rome, public humouring of an anonymous elderly lady who insisted on the first rite of reconciliation and several other sermons attacking the Church in its attitudes to "gays and lesbians" were just too much.

Needless to say the Blessed Virgin was never mentioned.

As parents of a young family we expected faith affirmation and challenge but not secular nonsense like this.

A family member who still attends the parish advises me that the Feast of the Holy Family warranted a favourable mention of the homosexual advocate Rodney Croome, a fierce critic of the Catholic Church.

Mr Croome intends to "have" a baby soon and was featured in the Hobart Mercury cuddling a teddy bear in eager anticipation.

Thank you for your wonderful magazine and for propagating eternal truth.

Hobart, Tas

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