Lapsed Catholics

Lapsed Catholics

Robert Garratt

Recently Cardinal Pell warned NSW Catholic MPs, including Premier Morris Iemma, that there would be 'consequences' if they did the 'wrong thing', and voted for a bill supporting embryonic stem cell research.

I congratulate Cardinal Pell and other public officials who, with courage and determination use their positions of leadership to promote respect for all human life. Some declare that 'you can't legislate morality' and if the expression means the law is not the basis of morality, that is true. Morality comes not from law, but from the nature of the human person, which ultimately flows from the nature of God.

In Australia we are continually assailed by opinion polls that tell us that a substantial percentage of Catholics believe that it is not wrong to practise contraception, extra-marital sex is not wrong, abortion is a woman's choice, or it is all right to be an active homosexual.

The secular media appear to present these poll results as evidence that the Catholic Church is on its way out; that its moral authority has been broken.

The greatest moral power at work in the world today is the Catholic Church. She does work of the highest value in training citizens of the future. In her firm defence of the code of Christian morals, in her undaunted upholding of the principles of authority, in her unwavering stand for Christian truth, she is peerless.

Wodonga, Vic

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