Keeping The Faith: Making a Difference by Wilson D. Miscamble

Keeping The Faith: Making a Difference by Wilson D. Miscamble

Michael Daniel

(CSC, Notre Dame: Ave Maria Press, 2000, 132pp, plus appendices, $19.95. Available from AD Books)

Keeping the Faith is a short book of reflections composed by Fr Wilson Miscamble, an Australian priest who is a member of the Holy Cross order and professor of American History at the University of Notre Dame in the United States. These reflections emerged through his interactions with tertiary-aged students. The style of his writing is specifically geared to a young adult audience, as is the content of the reflections. Thus, topics such as developing a faith life as a student, relationships and marriage, employment and parenting are covered.

The chief strength of this work is the author's ability to present the Church's teachings in a positive light to which young people can readily relate. Fr Miscamble calls on his readers not only to strengthen their faith, but to make a positive impact upon the Church and society as people of faith.

Keeping the Faith would make an ideal gift for a young adult, as well as being a useful basis for young adult discussion groups, since major topics relating to Catholic belief and practice, together with issues that specifically interest young people, are covered in this series of reflections.

Michael Daniel teaches at a Melbourne independent college.

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