Judas rethink (letters)

Judas rethink (letters)

John Schmid

A sermon I heard recently suggested that Judas was well meaning but his plan backfired and Our Lord was crucified, so he hung himself as punishment.

The new line being pushed, as in the recently published The Gospel According to Judas by Jeffrey Archer, is that Judas was not as bad as represented in the Scriptures.

It is said that the Church has never proclaimed that Judas went to hell - which, as far as I know, is correct. But no such declaration was apparently needed.

If Judas were subjectively not culpable, then his betrayal of Our Lord would not have sent him to hell - nor would his suicide.

But it is very clear that Judas was subjectively culpable, for Our Lord said: 'The Son of Man goes on His way, as the scripture foretells of Him; but woe upon that man by whom the Son of Man is to be betrayed; better for that man if he had never been born' (Matt 26:24).

Then the argument is given that this might have meant a long and painful purgatory - not necessarily eternal punishment in hell.

But at the end of purgatory there is the beatific vision, and, notwithstanding the worst that purgatory can inflict, it is worth being born if we eventually gain that beatific vision.

If the Scriptures are to be relied upon, the case for an 'innocent' Judas lacks credibility.

Boronia, Vic

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