John Paul II on the Catholic Faith in our region

John Paul II on the Catholic Faith in our region

Pope John Paul II

From Ecclesia in Oceania (November 2001)

The way of Christ cannot be walked without an ardent sense of mission. (8)

The communio among the local Churches is based upon unity of faith, Baptism and Eucharist, but also upon the unity of the episcopate. (11)

The first communion, the first unity, is that of faith. Unity in faith is necessary and fundamental. (12)

The whole Church is missionary, for her missionary activity ... is an essential part of her vocation. (13)

It is vital that the Church insert herself fully into culture and from within bring about the process of purification and transformation. (16)

There is a need too for a new apologetics. In this way, the faithful will be more confident in their Catholic faith and less susceptible to the allure of [certain] groups and movements. (24)

I make my own the Synod's insistence that greater efforts be made to awaken vocations to the priestly life. (40)

Especially in developed societies, many of the faithful are confused or indifferent about the reality of sin and the need for forgiveness in the Sacrament of Penance. (41)

The Church cannot function without the sacramental priesthood, and cannot function well without good priests. (48)

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