JESUS: According to the Gospel of Luke (CD-ROM and Book)

JESUS: According to the Gospel of Luke (CD-ROM and Book)

Roberta Wilson

JESUS: According to the Gospel of Luke
(CD-ROM and book, 2000, 72pp, $24.95. Available from AD Books)

Cardinal Jaime Sin, Archbishop of Manila, wrote: "I wholeheartedly recommend Millennium International Foundation's Jesus, a Catholic film based on the Gospel of Luke. I enjoin everyone, especially families and young people to watch this film and be touched once again by the loving presence of Jesus".

In addition, this excellent film, created for the Great Jubilee of the year 2000, has been highly approved and recommended by Pope John Paul II: "I invoke God's blessing upon this initiative and I cordially impart to you the Apostolic Blessing."

Jesus is now available as a CD-ROM (accompanied by a hard cover book) that can be viewed in its entirety on a computer.

The film follows the Gospel of Luke as we travel through the story of Jesus, from the Annunciation, the birth of John the Baptist, and the birth and childhood of Jesus. Then it takes us through Jesus' public life, the miracles, following on then to his Crucifixion and Resurrection.

Here we are brought closer to Jesus' genuine humanity as he makes himself one with his people, sharing in their sufferings.

Among the many who have been deeply touched by this film is Jenny Ong of Singapore: "After watching the film Jesus, I was converted from a free-thinker to a Catholic. Throughout the whole movie, I was captivated by Jesus' life, but was deeply touched by the scene where Jesus was being baptised by John the Baptist. Heaven opened and a voice said "This is my beloved son, listen to him." That scene stood up as a personal invitation by Jesus for me to come to know Him. That night I cried, tossed and turned and was not able to sleep. Soon after I was baptised."

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