Jesuit legacy

Jesuit legacy

Ken Bayliss

Euge, Euge! (Bravo, Bravo!) to Pope Francis, the 266th successor of St Peter. The new Holy Father is the first true son of Ignatius Loyola to become the Vicar of Christ on earth.

The Movement, or the National Civic Council from mid-1957, has very good reason to record our gratitude to other true sons of Ignatius Loyola and the late great Daniel Mannix, Archbishop of Melbourne, thought so highly of the Society of Jesus that he appointed some of their members to teach in his seminary.

The Institute of Social Order, Melbourne, was run by Fr W.G. Smith SJ while Fr John M. Fahey SJ provided the intellectual, spiritual and motivational training of NCC members across Australia on a monthly basis in an era before television and twenty years before the appearance of the first Red Brick universities.

Their spiritual and sociological insights motivated NCC members to better understand and recognise Christ the King on earth in ordinary everyday social activities, aided by their monthly journal Social Survey.

I know Bob Santamaria and Brian Mullins were very grateful to these "Pope's men" and to dear friend Fr Gregory Jordan SJ who for 25 years in Queensland has been a model of Ignatian fidelity.

Holland Park West, QLD

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