Jerusalem, Town of Contrasts

Jerusalem, Town of Contrasts

John O'Brien

(Written following a visit to Israel)

An ancient town enclosed by walls of stone.
Its chosen people sprung from Abraham's seed
Whose forebears God had once from bondage freed
A temple built to honour Him, their own.

This wondrous dome was doomed to be o'erthrown,
Destroyed by mighty Rome's avenging deed,
Its very site now hosts an alien creed
And at its base their sons its fate bemoan.

Nearby Christ died on Calvary's hill of woes,
His captors to His Godly nature blind.

Today this holy site is sought by those
Who come revering, sad - then joyful find
The sacred tomb whence He triumphant rose
And opened Heaven's gates to all mankind.

-John O'Brien-

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