Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses

While it is important to respect all Faith followings in their beliefs, the rather imposing, persistent, door-knocking Jehovah Witness visitors continue to amaze as to how they totally reject the Divinity of Jesus Christ in being God, i.e., belief in the Holy Trinity.

Even their badly-translated New World Translation Bible contradicts their own theories that Jesus was only a man - and a prophet. Biblical references from their own Bible, e.g., Matt 1:23, John 14:9, 20:28-29, Col 2:9, Titus 3:4, and Rev 1:8, 22:12-13), confirm that Jesus is/was both God and man, as do all known translations of the Bible.

Their proclaimed belief that Hell is only a temporary state is equally and wholly refuted by Matt 3:12, 18:8, 25:46, Mk 9:43 and Rev 20:10

Catholics are constantly challenged to stand up for the truth in love in their everyday lives.

But while the zealous endeavours of the Jehovah's Witness callers are to be admired, the real truth equally has to be revealed and persisted with.

Elizabeth East, SA

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