Invaluable work of Anne Lastman (letter)

Invaluable work of Anne Lastman (letter)

Errol Duke

I wish to thoroughly endorse the letter from Fr Raymond Wells (July AD2000) in his glowing report of the remarkable efforts of Victims of Abortion Councillor, Anne Lastman, and encourage Catholics worth their 'salt' to obtain a copy of her book Redeeming Grief at the earliest opportunity.

For many, many years I have supported this wonderful Catholic lady with donations to continue with her invaluable work - and then it was my turn to be on the receiving end.

Having lost my wife through ovarian cancer in August 2007, I experienced a very restless period of my healing journey early in 2008, and I turned to Anne for help.

Via 'email counselling' from Melbourne to Adelaide, Anne solved my problems with constructive advice and now I am completely at peace with my life - and with God.

Please support this beautiful lady by buying her book - and with donations. You - as I did - may need her help some time in the future and she can only continue her work through our generous support.

Anne's address is PO Box 6094, Vermont South, Vic 3133. Her book is available from Freedom Publishing.

Elizabeth East, SA

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