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Maria Lossberg

Bishop Morris of Toowoomba has persisted in his defiance of Rome by allowing once again the Third Rite of Reconciliation throughout the parishes of Toowoomba City in the week leading up to Christmas 2002. The majority of parishes held this rite and people were given "absolution."

In at least two of the parishes that held this rite, the priest made no mention of the necessity of individual confession for the remission of grave/ serious sin, to be made at the earliest opportunity prior to receiving the next Communion.

Such absolution is invalid if there is no intention to attend individual confession at the earliest opportunity. Since this is available in several parishes, frequently and continuously throughout the year, this surely would negate any need for the Third Rite.

The Pope states in The Mercy of God: "It is not acceptable to contrive or allow contrivance of situations of apparent grave necessity, resulting from not administering the Sacrament in the ordinary way ... and still less because of the penitent's preference for general absolution, as if this were a normal option."

The bottom line is that general absolution in the city of Toowoomba is unlikely to absolve anyone from anything. It is not legitimate to start with as the extraordinary conditions imperative to the authenticity of the Rite simply do not exist.

Toowoomba, Qld

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