Interest invited

Interest invited

David Forster

Faced with the rapidly deteriorating moral and economic situations in our nation, expressions of interest are invited from orthodox Catholics to participate in a community living project located at Combienbar, a remote settlement in the foothills of East Gippsland.

The proposal is to raise capital for the purchase of a property which is presently available for sale. The property consists of around 200 hectares (440 acres) of undulating land, mainly timbered, with 12 very basic houses set in cleared pasture, along with several large sheds. Much work is needed to develop the property further with the aim of making it generally self-sufficient. Electricity and a water supply are available.

In the event of the project proceeding, it is anticipated that a retired Catholic priest(s) would be invited to live at the site.

The concept is to form a company in which interested persons could purchase one or more shares of $5,000 each. To raise the purchase price would need sixty shares to be purchased, with the same number being required to develop the property. Shareholders will be able to occupy the property on a permanent or short term basis based on the level of their investment. Priority to occupy will be given to those who are able to actively assist in development of the property and the project.

For more information or to register your interest kindly contact David Forster on m_dforster at yahoo.; or tel (03) 9360-4921.

Deer Park, Vic

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