Intelligent design (letter)

Intelligent design (letter)

Paul MacLeod

The current debate over "intelligent design" versus Darwinian evolution is being presented as pitting "faith" against science. Wrong.

Faith is the acceptance as certain of what God has revealed. We know that God created and designed the universe because He has told us so. Science explores what empirical facts can tell us about the origin and nature of the universe.

Between the two falls common sense.

If an astronaut comes across a camera on the surface of the moon, his common sense tells him that someone designed this camera. He would reject as ridiculous any suggestion that the camera "evolved" by itself on the moon.

Likewise, if observation of the complexity of creation - for example, the human eye - suggests a designer, then this is a conclusion of common sense. This is not dependent on religious faith, nor intruding into the proper realm of science.

St Thomas Aquinas long ago showed how human reason can and should arrive at the fact that God exists, without bringing in either faith or science.

Perhaps the present controversy is simply a case of the evolutionists having eyes but being unwilling to see, in case ...

Belmont, Victoria

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