Insulting TV program (letter)

Insulting TV program (letter)

K.L. Hanrahan

On Saturday night, 21 September, I involuntarily found myself watching the feature Pizza on TV channel SBS, which included a sketch by a so-called comedian who used the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in a totally derogatory and blasphemous manner.

I wish to take the strongest exception to the use of elements of the recorded life of one, who is to millions around the world the divine Lord and Saviour, to be worshipped as founder of what is the world's greatest and most enduring of religions.

Before the above-mentioned sketch had finished I found myself thinking how different things might be if Christians were to impose an Islamic-style jihad or fatwa against such blasphemers who insult and ridicule our religious beliefs.

The Anglicans have their own special case with the Vicar of Dibley and seem content to let matters that offend them there pass, but overall why do other denominations allow this specific kind of provocation to pass without public comment?

In this regard I assert that the Catholic Church should lead the way with actions and statements that expose those individuals and organisations who deliberately target our religion as matter for gormless "comedy", or who use elements of the Christian faith deliberately to distort and ridicule Christian doctrine.

Are we Christians committing a greater sin than these ignorant individuals by a decision not to defend ourselves? Is there recourse to the law, for example, in matters such as these? In general, how should we set about defending the Person of Christ?

Tylden, Vic

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