Informative talk (letter)

Informative talk (letter)

Frank Bourke

I have been reading with great interest the articles in AD2000 by Father Sebastian Camilleri.

Quite by chance on Wednesday 19 May I happened to call at the Caroline Chisholm Library in the heart of Melbourne. Here I found Father Sebastian addressing a crowded auditorium under the capable chair of Tom Hazell and in the presence of the Consul General of Malta, several priests from religious orders, many professional people and the redoubtable Kate Cleary, President of the library.

What followed was an entertaining and informative half hour of well-researched and delivered commentary on the Church today with relevant quotations from Papal encyclicals and the documents of Vatican II. Then came 30 minutes of questions, several from the younger ones of those attending.

Muriel Porter, writing from what I took to be an Anglican perspective in The Age hoped that the recent Danish Royal Wedding on television could lead people back to the Church. I think that a half dozen more like this inspiring Franciscan Friar could better any hoped-for result in that regard.

I write to heartily recommend Father Camilleri to your readers. May I also add that a visit to the Caroline Chisholm Library on Wednesdays at lunchtime would not go unrewarded.

Richmond, Vic

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