Information sought on Kathleen Cecilia Butler (letter)

Information sought on Kathleen Cecilia Butler (letter)

John G. Brown

My wife is a keen genealogist. However her grandmother, Kathleen Cecilia Butler, has proved particularly hard to trace in Australia. Kathleen was born into the famous Irish Butler clan at Garlick Hill, Crusheen, Co Clare, in 1902, and we think Kathleen came to Australia in the 1920s. She was housekeeper for her uncle, Father Michael Hehir, also from Crusheen or Ennis in County Clare.

Above are photos of Fr Hehir with Archbishop Daniel Mannix and of Fr Hehir and Kathleen. We think Fr Hehir died in Malvern in 1934 and he may have had a brother T.J. Hehir, who was also a priest in Australia.

We cannot find any record of Kathleen's arrival by ship and little is known of her early days in Australia. Any reader who knows anything of Fr Michael Hehir, Kathleen Butler, or where either of the photos might have been taken please get in touch.

Our address is 12 Stuka Close, Raby, NSW 2566, tel (02) 9824-8668 (h), mobile 0414 493 414, (02) 9391 9779 (w), and email addresses, or

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