Richard Congram

Secular moral standards in Australia hit a new low recently when two ethicists argued in a professional journal that because the abortion of an unborn human at will is widely regarded as acceptable, so too should be the killing of a newborn infant. They contend that neither an unborn nor a newly born human being is an actual person, but merely a potential one. Thus, they maintain, we should have no moral inhibitions about exterminating them, for whatever reason.

Lunacy such as this sick argument for infanticide, in the guise of freedom of academic discourse, is not new. But at this time, when the push for unfettered rights of abortion, euthanasia, polygamous and even worse sexual relationships, same-sex "marriage" and "parenting" is in crescendo mode, there is cause for very grave concern.

If ever there was a time when our leaders - priests and bishops - need to speak out loudly and unequivocally against the very idea of legitimising infanticide, that time is now. So many of us need to be awakened from apathy.

Carindale Qld

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