Ineffective system (letter)

Ineffective system (letter)

John Mulholland

I doubt if Elizabeth Alderton (May AD2000) is a regular reader of your magazine. If she were she would have been aware of a number of supportive articles on religious teaching in Catholic schools that have previously been published by you.

The children of those parents who don't follow the "party line" in sending their children to a Catholic school are unlikely to fare any differently from those who do. At the end of a child's training in the Catholic school system the majority give away the faith.

I am presuming that the "party line" to which Elizabeth Alderton refers is to receive a Catholic education at a Catholic school. If the reason for sending children to a Catholic school is not to follow the "party line" then it begs the question as to why Catholics pour funds into what appears to be an ineffective system.

It does not matter one iota if teachers have "post-graduate qualifications in theology that would swamp those of the local parish priest" if they don't have the Catholic faith. Did not Christ establish his Church based on a fisherman's faith not a learned Rabbi's knowledge or the professionalism of a Doctor of the Law? After all, theology is not the source of religious truth, it is a study of it.

I am at a loss to understand what your correspondent means by "deepening of the Spirit". However, given the few young people who still adhere to the Catholic Faith at the end of their school years, I would suggest that the "Spirit" to which Elizabeth Alderton refers is, more likely, not of the "Holy" variety.

Bonnells Bay, NSW

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