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AD2000 - a journal of religious opinion

Vol 28 No 11 - December 2015 - January 2016

Welcome to AD2000 online for December-January.

In this issue:

1. Catholic bishops face prosecution in Tasmania (Pat Byrne)

2. Religious Education: parents' responsibility or school's? (Fr Pat Stratford)

3. Pope Francis' landmark visit to Africa (AD2000 Report)

4. The decline of Catholicism in Germany (AD2000 Report)

5. US religious leaders denounce IS genocide (Nahal Toosi)

6. New clampdown on believers in China (Bernardo Cervellero)

7. Am I my brother's keeper? (Anne Lastman)

8. Has the Messiah come or returned? (Andrew Sholl)

9. Divine Worship Missal preserves Anglican patrimony (Fr James Bradley)

10. St Clement's revealing letter to the Corinthians (Peter Westmore)

11. Letters (Dr Arnold Jago, Anne Lastman, Scott Schittl)

12. Christmas Reflection (Archbishop Mark Coleridge).

We wish all readers the greatest blessings in the Christmas season, and a joyful New Year. As always, your comments are most welcome.

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Peter Westmore

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AD2000 is a monthly journal of religious opinion published by Peter Westmore for the Thomas More Centre, of 35 Whitehorse Road Balwyn Vic 3103 Australia.

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