Inclusive language

Inclusive language

John Daly

George Simpson's letter (April AD2000) regarding the Vatican's very clear instructions prohibiting the use of so-called "inclusive language" in liturgical translations remarked that, "Unfortunately, the Canadian Lectionary predated the proclamation of the above." He refers obviously to the fact that some parish priests and parish liturgy committees have seized on that fact as seeming to justify their switching to the use of the Canadian Lectionary, even during the last few years.

There are, however, two good reasons that should deter well- intentioned liturgists from going down this path.

The first is that I am unaware of any approval by the Australian bishops for the use of the Canadian Lectionary in Australian churches. I am open to correction here, but that alone seems to me to be sufficient reason to bar its use.

Secondly, the fact that the translation norms ban the production of any new inclusive language translations should be sufficient reason, for tender consciences, not to deliberately seek out existing translations clearly breaching the guidelines.

Greensborough, Vic

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