Inclusive language

Inclusive language

Ottavio Kos

I really don't know what Dr P.F. Gill's problem could be ("Gender neutral", March AD2000).

If he doesn't like the inclusive language in his own Archdiocese of Hobart, let him come over and join the "women and men" of the "great family of humankind" in one parish of the Melbourne Archdiocese.

There, as a "co-celebrant" of Sunday Eucharistic "celebrations" he will be pleased to pray for "our deceased partners", while during the homily he'll learn that St Joseph was Mary's "confused partner".

During the Gospel reading, Dr Gill will hear about the judge who feared "neither God nor humanity" and who, on his own admission, feared "neither God nor human beings."

He will also be pleased to hear the words of Christ in calling the Twelve: "Follow me and I will make you fishers of people." And during the Second Reading he will have heard how St Paul - not to be outdone - brags about being "all things to all people".

At Communion, he will be invited by the "presider" to stride forth and assist with the distribution: "Can we have two more ministers?"

Unlike Dr Gill, I'm looking forward to beyond Easter, to the day when, in a sense, there won't be any more priests, since we'll all be priests. Already we are "co-celebrants" - the priest being merely the "presider".

Watsonia, Vic

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