Inaccuracy (letter)

Inaccuracy (letter)

Fr Michael Kalka PP

I was surprised to read the gross inaccuracy presented in the third paragraph of your March article "New cardinals to continue John Paul II's Agenda."

During the Synod of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Bishops, held on 24-27 January 2001 in L'viv, Ukraine, His Beatitude Lubomyr Cardinal Husar, was elected as head of this Catholic Church. However, he was named a bishop back on 2 April 1977. He had previously been Bishop of Kyiv-Vyshhorod, and then Auxiliary to the late Cardinal Lubachivsky.

The Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church was free to elect any candidate they chose from amongst their own ranks. Your article suggests that they could only elect a candidate previously agreed to by the Pope of Rome. Even to hint at such a requirement is offensive to the ecclesiology of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

Events in the Eastern Catholic Churches are entitled to as much editorial accuracy as events in the Western (Latin) Catholic Church!

Gladstone Park, Vic

[Editor: The above report, which was based on information from reliable Catholic news services, stated: "In the case of the Oriental Churches, bishops are named by the synod and the Pope simply gives his consent." The reference to Archbishop Husar not yet being named bishop referred to his current appointment. It was not presumed this was his first episcopal appointment.]

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