In Memory of Me / Come to Me, My Children, by Christine McCarthy

In Memory of Me / Come to Me, My Children, by Christine McCarthy

Michael Gilchrist

IN MEMORY OF ME: Understanding the Eucharist
by Christine McCarthy
(Sydney, 2005, 72pp, $11.95. Can be ordered through AD Books)

COME TO ME, MY CHILDREN: A Book of Prayers
by Christine McCarthy

(Sydney, 2004, 48pp, $6.50. Can be ordered through AD Books)

Christine McCarthy is the National Convenor of the Society for Eucharistic Adoration and has written and lectured extensively on Catholic doctrines, most notably the Eucharist and its associated themes and devotions. The present titles are her most recent books on the subject and their solid orthodoxy and clear explanations will particularly appeal to faithful Catholics and their families.

Each book - carrying an imprimatur from Cardinal George Pell - is very attractively produced with In Memory of Me containing a large selection of beautiful colour illustrations. The modest prices should ensure a wide circulation, with a 25 per cent discount offered for orders of ten or more copies.

In Memory of Me is directed at upper secondary level students, those being received into the Church and anyone wishing to know more about the Eucharist.

Each aspect of the Eucharist, e.g., Old and New Testament links, sacrament, sacrifice, Consecration, Real Presence, exposition, Benediction and sacred vessels, is covered in brief, clear, easy to understand language, and accompanied by appropriate illustrations.

Come To Me, My Children, with illustrations by Carlos Barrios, contains prayers and catechesis for primary level children between the ages of around seven to twelve. The book would be ideal for those receiving First Communion and Confirmation.

Included are the Lord's Prayer, Hail Mary, Acts of Faith, Hope and Charity, the Apostles' Creed, grace before and after meals, an Act of Contrition, prayers before and after Holy Communion and the Confiteor. There are also simple explanations of the Mass, confession and Our Lady.

Christine McCarthy is to be commended for her latest publications and her tireless work in the cause of the Catholic faith.

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