Immoral policies

Immoral policies

Anthony English

In supporting Andrew Wilkie's Pokies Tax, the GetUp! campaign claims that pokie machines "enable a social problem that can ruin individuals, families, businesses and marriages" ( Sydney Morning Herald, 2 October 2011).

Problem gambling may contribute to the ruin of some marriages, but both the GetUp! campaign and Andrew Wilkie in effect support the destruction of marriages through their endorsement of the misnamed "Marriage Equality Bill." That's a misnomer because we already have equality in marriage. Every true marriage has one man and one woman, a balance which the Marriage Equality Bill seeks to undo. Wilkie and GetUp! also support abortion.

Whatever one may think of the pokies tax, those who support the Marriage Equality Bill and abortion are calling for legitimisation of sinful behaviour. Such immoral policies will work to ruin individuals, families, businesses and marriages - not to mention souls.

Ryde, NSW

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