Hypocrisy (letter)

Hypocrisy (letter)

Frank Bellet

Catholic politicians, Laurie Brereton (Labor) and Christopher Pyne (Liberal), when questioned on the Vatican's stance on same sex unions, opined: "There is a need for the separation of Church and State."

This all sounds very principled. However, stripped of its humbug, the euphemism they are hiding behind is the fact that they don't support the Vatican on this issue, whether they are in parliament or out singing seconds in the church choir.

The hypocrisy of the prevailing view, among the chattering classes in our society, on same sex unions, was demonstrated on American TV last August. Pat Robertson, the CEO of Christian Television, revealed how he recently asked one of the Episcopalian bishops who supported the ordination of the gay bishop what he would think of a clergyman who deserted his wife and children and went to live with another woman; would he be scandalised?

"Of course", replied the bishop, "it would he a disgrace." Rev Robertson responded: "Then how do you explain that it's OK if the same man runs off into a sexual relationship with another man (as that gay bishop did)?

Petrie, Qld

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