Humanae Vitae

Humanae Vitae

Ron Graham

Deployment of artificial contraception (deliberate preventing of conception by artificial means) is really negating the possibility of God in deciding to, or not to, on that particular occasion, create new life with a soul He has chosen from before time began. It deletes the possibility of God's will being enacted, in the way He might have so chosen, but for illicit human intervention against Church teaching.

Dr Frank Mobbs' rather cynical questioning of the justified validity of Paul VI's encyclical, Humane Vitae, is both troubling and troublesome.

Dr Mobbs' dismissal of the justification for this practice, banned for Catholics under pain of serious sin, can never take authoritative precedence over what has essentially become official Church dogma.

On the other hand, delaying intercourse until the female cycle is almost certainly infertile, i.e., in the first and last weeks of a regular cycle, for sufficient reasons after spouses have carefully considered their conduct before God, is morally acceptable. There are three partners in the marriage act, not the least, by far, being Almighty God.

Paul VI correctly predicted that if artificial contraception were widely introduced, then surely abortion and euthanasia would follow. These, along with increased acceptance of practising homosexuality, propagate the evil culture of death, when we should all be pushing hard to support those magnificent Christians in the fight for life over death.

It is surely significant that countries in Africa such as Uganda, have obtained a far greater reduction in AIDS and other STDs by promoting abstinence, rather than the use of contraceptives which actually encourage promiscuity – and increase abortions.

Dapto, NSW

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