Human Rights (letter)

Human Rights (letter)

Sr M.B. Eanswythe OSB

I am glad that you include in your notes to letter writers, "the views expressed therein are not necessarily those of [your] Journal." I am writing to protest against Dr Jago's letter (December/January AD2000).

Such sentiments lend a false credibility to the belief that traditional Catholics have the defects of their virtues - that is, "firmly held religious beliefs go hand-in-hand with harsh judgments against disadvantaged people."

Respect for human rights is not the prerogative of atheists, Dr Jago. Both electronic and print media constantly report massive "downsizing" as causing unemployment. Many psychologists say that the deep divide between rich and poor accounts for the high rate of male suicides.

Moreover, a Catholic Weekly front cover headline last December said "Pope apologises to Indigenous [people]" (our indigenous people.) At Mass the prayers included petitions for the unemployed and for those struggling to make ends meet. Jesus did not deny people's human rights but thundered against "those who bind heavy and insupportable burdens upon men's shoulders and will not lift a finger to help them."

Armidale, NSW

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