Human embryos

Human embryos

Rebecca Soares

I find it disturbing that articles in the secular media continue to endorse surrogacy, IVF and the like.

I see these medical techniques as clearly messing about with human embryos which, whether one likes it or not, are human beings. Just because they don't look like humans or sound like humans does not change the fact they are human, which means they have the right to be safe from lethal medical treatment, or research, or whatever.

Obviously these embryos are not advanced enough to be making such choices; still it doesn't mean we developed humans, who once were embryos, have the right to take away their rights.

I don't find stories of surrogate or IVF babies heart-warming. I find them incredibly sad.

No-one has the right to a child, let alone go to extremes manipulating living human embryos - which all have the right to life.

A Year 10 student
Heidelberg, Vic

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