Huge response

Huge response

Dolores Lightbody

Just a short note to thank you for your support in publishing the review by John Miles on our recording of "Traditional Catholic Hymns from the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit" in your July issue.

You will be interested to know that we have had a huge response to this article; and what is even more heart-warming is the volume of letters we have received from people who have purchased the CD or tapes and written to tell us how much they enjoy them. There is no doubt that Catholics in Australia value their traditions and want to retain them as part of their private devotions and public worship; and this includes young people as well.

Thank you so much for assisting us in our little apostolate to which the Catholics involved have contributed for the love and glory of God as well as for the love and mutual support of their fellow Catholics. I am sure that this is God's work. A part of the "whole" of His efforts and blessing in our country. These hymns are a reminder of His presence and work here in Australia in the past and a consolation and assurance of His faithfulness to us in the present and the future, while being a call for us to be faithful to Him no matter what. In remembering our Australian Catholic roots I hope that we will all remain faithful.

Beenleigh, Qld

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