How to ensure AD2000's continuing impact

How to ensure AD2000's continuing impact

Michael Gilchrist

The role of AD2000 as a national journal that fosters the cause of orthodoxy within the Catholic Church - and Christianity generally - in Australia remains all-important as has been acknowledged by many of our Church leaders.

Now in its 20th year, it seems almost miraculous that AD2000 has survived for so long at a time when few Catholics attend Mass regularly, far fewer read religious materials, and publications of all descriptions struggle to maintain their circulations.

As a non-profit venture, AD2000 depends, among other things, on generous financial support for its continuing viability. The Fighting Fund (see page 18) provides an opportunity for those who share our goals for the Church's spiritual health to indicate in a practical way their support for the purposes of this journal.

Apart from financial assistance, the need to maintain and increase circulation is of paramount importance if AD2000 is to continue its role of addressing the crisis of faith, as it impacts both inside and outside the Church, while keeping Catholics informed of the latest developments, such as progress with the new Missal translation, important initiatives by our bishops in addressing problem areas (see page 3) or Benedict XVI's latest writings. Having an informed core of catholics is vital if the Church in Australia is to have a secure spiritual future.

I urge all our readers to look at ways of increasing AD2000's circulation, whether through gift subscriptions to potentially interested frieds or relations, or having AD2000 sold in their local parish.

While much has been achieved since the founding of AD2000 by Mr. B.A. Santamaria in 1988, the work of spiritual recovery in the Church is far from complete, despite the advent in recent years of many strong bishops. These bishops need our continuing prayerful support.

Michael Gilchrist, Editor.

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