Homilies (letter)

Homilies (letter)

Robert Prinzen-Wood

I have noticed in the homilies of most priests in my local parishes in Brisbane that social justice is everything. They are almost apologetic if they refer to grace or soul, as if they are being too other-worldly.

My belief is that they have somewhat fallen into the modern trend of reducing the unique core of human personality - the soul - to the impersonal forces of heredity, physical environment and collective social pressure.

They talk constantly about "caring and sharing" and what we ought to do. But they seem to forget to remind us that God, through His grace, is the source of all goodness. This grace is amazing, and we cannot earn it.

Why go to Mass if you can simply earn your salvation by acts of social justice? I believe people are saying this to themselves.

No, our freedom to do good and shun evil comes from grace through our wonderful relationship with God, through His divine Son. It is when we are enveloped in this amazing grace that we want to do good - including acts of social justice. It is this that leads us to the fullness of salvation.

Regents Park, Qld

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