Holy Land visit

Holy Land visit

Julie-Ann McLoughlin

How happy I was to read Wanda Skowronska's piece on her pilgrimage to the Holy Land with the Hahns. I too have recently returned from 21 days in the Holy Land and happened to meet Scott and Kimberly by chance in Jerusalem. (I have a photo!)

I am a convert to the faith, and it was Scott Hahn's Rome Sweet Home which I read over 15 years ago that gave me the impetus to keep reading more about Catholicism. Within the year I had converted and my life changed completely. So to simply "bump into him" was such a special gift, and they embraced me like their daughter.

They were so excited to hear about my story and spoke of their hopes to come to Australia one day, as Wanda alluded to. Although to have spent as much time as Wanda did with such a knowledgeable couple would have been amazing, I learned so much about my faith on the pilgrimage and will forever be reliving my experiences as I read the gospels.

Thank you for the flier promoting the World Congress of Families. I have just registered to attend for the full conference, and hope many other readers do too. It sounds too good to miss!

Congratulations on a wonderful article and issue.

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