Stephen Hemingway

Having read and seen media reports about Fr Peter Kennedy of St Mary's Church, South Brisbane, I am amazed at the arrogant self-centredness of both Fr Kennedy and his group. Their services do not include the usual Scripture readings but rather locally concocted literary productions; worshippers do not face the church sanctuary but instead face themselves in a circle; and a 'do-it- yourself' liturgy is based on a vague 'relevance'.

They are in reality a lot of ageing hippies who, having dusted off their love beads, come together to sing 1960s protest songs in a nostalgic haze recalling their glory days, supported by such luminaries as the Raelians and Socialist Alliance.

These people are not in church to worship God but rather to worship themselves, They set themselves up as supreme authority and reject the leadership of the wider church and having pushed God aside they put themselves in His place.

Their leader, Fr Kennedy, like another rebel in the past, says with overweening pride, 'I will not serve', thus repudiating his vow of obedience to his archbishop while leading his people towards a promised land of self-worship and group hugs.

Fr Kennedy refuses to hand over the keys of his church to his successor. He rejects the notion that Christ gave the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven to a humble Jewish fisherman and his successors in Rome. This is the key to the whole issue: the St Mary's group rejects the idea of an institutional Church with hierarchical leadership and is determined to 'white ant' the structure from within.

This is quite obvious and must be stopped immediately, both for the sake of the Church and for all at St Mary's.

Moonee Ponds, Vic

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