Hidden agenda (letter)

Hidden agenda (letter)

Dr Arthur Hartwig

Kevin McBride (August AD2000), under "Sex education in SA", asks "Is there some hidden agenda?" The US experience suggests there certainly is.

Psychoanalyst Charles W. Socarides in Homosexuality: a Freedom Too Far (p. 288) writes: "Gays used the anti-AIDS campaign as a wedge to help indoctrinate our school children with their views about same-sex as a legitimate, alternative lifestyle ... Pro-gay activists, homosexual or otherwise, now portray same-sex sex as normal as apple pie, and intimidate others with different views, especially in the higher reaches of academe. And they are aided and abetted by the major media. The movement has already accomplished what every human society would have trembled to tamper with, a revision of the basic code: that men and women mate with the opposite sex and not with each other."

When one recalls how "Gay Related Immune Disorder" euphemistically became AIDS, so that homosexual activity (or more preciseIy sodomy) would not be seen as the predominant factor in the spread of this infection, the Socarides' view expressed above becomes a more than adequate explanation for the ever-increasing push to lower the age of "sex education". How better to lower children's resistance to the unnatural?

Auchenflower, Qld

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