John K. Hannon

I hope that my fellow-Catholics are aware that we are living through one of the great periods of world history - the last of the great heresies of the Roman Catholic Church.

Pope John XXIII "threw open the window to allow fresh air into the Church" but didn't realise that the hinges had rusted through long periods of disuse, and the window fell off. Chilly winds and "flying nasties" have been blowing in ever since.

This was confirmed a couple of days ago when I read a newsletter from a neighbouring parish. The main article was written by the school principal, who started by saying: "Some parents will remember as I do the way the Catholic Church was 30 years ago. If it had not changed in at least some ways, I for one would not be here now proclaiming to belong to the Catholic Church. I have plenty of horror stories about Catholic priests I knew as I was growing up and I have plenty of extraordinary stories about the rules and regulations we once had to follow if we wanted to call ourselves Catholics."

He goes on to talk about the shortcomings of the Church's hierarchical structure and the now overriding "supremacy of conscience". Lack of space prohibits me from quoting all of his views.

Now, when I hear people talk about "supremacy of Conscience", I know they are referring to sexual preferences and especially to their right to use their contraceptive of choice. I don't think too many people proclaim their need to be dishonest or to rob or murder "because they let their conscience be their guide" (although such could well be the ultimate result of such a philosophy); but they insist on their right to follow their own conscience in matters of sexual morality (or immorality) irrespective of Papal or ecclesiastical pronouncements. It is, of course, the only escape route left!

But is there any future for the Church when people proclaiming such views are officially appointed to teach our young?

Ormiston, Qld

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