Healthy families vital

Healthy families vital

Brendan Keogh

The disintegration of traditional family life and the rise in fatherless homes is having serious social implications in Western societies. The clamour for same-sex marriages further compounds this problem.

The civil purpose of marriage is not simply to reaffirm the love of a man and a woman for life, nor just to register a business arrangement. The main purpose of civil marriage is the legal protection of the one institution which ensures society's stable future.

Healthy societies in all times and places are unanimous that the orderly procreation and upbringing of children is best in a natural family – or as close as possible by relatives, or by others in extreme necessity. As family life breaks down, so does society. The decline in marriage and the rise in illegitimacy are prime factors in the rising crime rate, in poverty and in social decay generally.

The results of fatherlessness are even more alarming when recent US and UK studies are considered. Chaos results when communities permit a large number of young men to grow up in broken homes without a stable relationship with a male role-model. Crime, violence, and unrestrained rebellion from the whole social structure are almost inevitable, as we see increasingly today.

Many studies have shown that children raised in traditional mum-and-dad families are much more likely to finish school, get a decent job, socialise, marry and settle down.

The traditional family is the best department of health, education and welfare. We must nurture and protect it. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom within our society as well, lest we forget!

Eaglehawk, Vic

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