Harmful effects

Harmful effects

Richard Grant, Willie Chenhall, Maryse Usher

We are astonished that Dr Frank Mobbs doesn't seem aware of the enormously harmful effects of the contraceptive pill itself and of the pervasive contraceptive ideology behind it.

The World Health Organisation in August 2005 stated that the contraceptive pill is the number one cause of cancer in women's reproductive organs. The pill is a major culprit in breast cancer, strokes and infertility in women.

Arguably worse than these effects on women's health are the social and moral devastation wreaked by the contraceptive mentality.

There can be no doubt that there is an inextricable link between the contraceptive mentality, which has taken hold of our society and the epidemic of abortions in Australia. In spite of easy access to the pill and other contraceptive techniques, abortions have reached holocaust proportions.

This is entirely due to the ideology of contraception: that people have a right to have sex that does not lead to the conception of a child.

So when a child is carelessly and selfishly conceived, it is resented and regarded as justifiably disposable. Moreover, it is obvious that either contraception often doesn't work – given the 100,000 surgical abortions in Australia each year – or that many people don't use it.

Dr Mobbs needs to do some research on the plethora of physiological, relational, demographic and social damage caused by the Pill before sounding off about its mythical harmlessness.

Melbourne, Vic

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