Arnold Jago

Australia's first prison-based needle exchange will start soon in Canberra. "The only way to stop prisoners getting Hepatitis C," say the harm-minimisation fans. "Addiction is a disease," they say.

No, opiate-addiction is a make-believe disease. And harm-minimisation "treatments" are make-believe treatments.

Heroin addicts can stop if they want to. If the price of heroin gets high, don't they just stop using it and use amphetamines or something else instead?

Of the many American soldiers using heroin while in Vietnam, didn't 85 percent simply stop using or looking for it on return?

Harm-minimisation is cruel. It tells users they are on the scrap-heap - "natural slaves", incapable of exerting free will.

Perhaps an atheist could think that way. But in the real world there is always hope. One can turn to God and find the needed strength.

Mildura, Vic

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