Harm minimisation

Harm minimisation

Tom King

Dr Arnold Jago (October AD2000) is correct in his evaluation of the pending needle exchange program that is apparently proposed for introduction at a Canberra prison. Such a compromise to accommodate inmate addicts is undoubtedly the height of folly.

I served for 30 years in Queensland's prisons where discipline, work and strict drug-free enforcement was a priority, in the 1970s, and segregation of offenders in the 17-25 age bracket was facilitated in a separate prison.

In addition to the basic enforcement fundamentals, I sought the assistance of sporting personalities in encouraging prisoners to get involved in rugby league, tennis, athletics, body building, etc.

However, this was an era when the media and the politically correct tribe introduced the "party drug" compromise.

Until the incoming Labor Government abandoned the concept, the problems of contamination and tolerated addiction were eliminated by the prisoners themselves, with the fundamentals we provided.

Mansfield, Qld

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