John Daly

Josephine Landsberg's letter (February AD2000) was presumably meant to provide support for Chris Wilson's rejection of my comments on the unsuitability of the guitar as a liturgical instrument.

While her contribution is really peripheral to the main argument (classical Spanish guitar on Christmas Eve in an ancient church hardly compares with strumming out "Come as you are" on a normal Sunday in a post-Vatican II church), it nevertheless provides an opportunity to tie the thread back to where it started, namely, the recent Synod of Bishops.

The Synod was featured in the February AD2000 in a report on some of its outcomes, taken from an interview with Cardinal Francis Arinze. In discussing music in the liturgy, the Cardinal is quoted as saying, "I will not now pronounce and say never guitar. That would be rather severe. But much of guitar music may not be suitable at all for the Mass."

Possibly Josephine's experience of 25 years ago could be the type of event that might cause the Cardinal to refrain from saying "never." However, the very fact that he even contemplated saying "never guitar" should give pause for thought to church guitarists. But then, as I remarked in my original letter, who takes notice of anything that comes out of Rome these days? Many priests don't; why should the laity?

Greensborough Vic

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