Greetings from India

Greetings from India

Fr S. John Joseph PP, VF

From my grateful heart I send greetings to AD2000 and its readers for a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. May the Babe Jesus bless you and lead you into a year of peace and prosperity.

I enjoy reading your renowned magazine as it helps me a lot in my mission supplying me ample matters for my daily and Sunday homilies. I value highly the tremendous efforts that you all have put into bringing out such a wonderful and useful magazine. I appreciate your cooperation and collaboration.

I also congratulate all the readers for their valuable and constant support for the viability of this magazine. Go ahead, shine forth and give a facelift to the value-losing humanity. My prayerful support is for you.

May I request you to continue to lend your helping hand to my mission as in the past with your prayers, and religious and school items. We will remain ever grateful to you and we do promise our prayers and Masses for you. All the best of luck and health in the New Year. Thank you and God bless. With love and gratitude.

St Cecily Church, Pettaipalayam. P.O.
Mohanur- 637 015, Namakkal. Dt.
Tamil Nadu, India

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