Graham Greene a Catholic? (letter)

Graham Greene a Catholic? (letter)

Malcolm Mackinnon

Was Graham Greene a Catholic? (October AD2000).

Why not take his word for it? His description of the miserable, cowardly priest who gave up his chance of liberty and his life to save a fellow sinner, and a notorious one at that, from going to meet his Maker without the aid of the Sacrament of Penance certainly suggests a Catholic who had meditated on the mercy of God, the "zealous lover of souls".

And what an eloquent sermon on the virtue of hope in God's mercy is the end of his Brighton Rock - the confessor's encouragement: "Between the saddle and the ground, forgiveness sought, forgiveness found" (or words to that effect).

Let us pray for his soul, and thank God for sending story-tellers to us who help us recognise that a man may be a Catholic and sinner.

Gulliver, Qld

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