Good responses (letter)

Good responses (letter)

Hyacinth Morel

Thank you very much for printing in the August 2000 issue of your magazine my letter regarding the tapes of a talk on Purgatory by Father Paul Sullivan, which I have been promoting and distributing. The letter seems to have been very successful, with calls and letters coming from all over Australia, three from New Zealand and one from Canada. Tapes have also gone to Africa and other places.

Six hundred tapes have been distributed since the letter appeared in AD2000, and 2000 tapes all up over the last three years. A couple of excerpts from letters follow:

"Thank you for the tapes on Purgatory. I'm moved again to pray daily for the Holy Souls. Please God I won't fall back to neglecting them again."

"Thank you for the cassette which I copied. I'll pass it around and keep using it from time to time. I pray daily for the Holy Souls and have Masses said too."

I know from the responses by phone and letter that the tape has been well received by many people, including at least one certain conversion through the use of the tape.

Newmarket, Qld

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